This orchid flower seems to be wonderful, proper? I feel so, too. I can’t imagine I discovered scale on this phalaenopsis orchid flower! It has been sitting on my kitchen desk, greeting me each morning. I’ve had the plant for some time and it blooms reliably and is so lovely. The battle is on! I’ll win this warfare in opposition to scale. 

Phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis orchid flower from the entrance and the size is not possible to see

Massive Shock

Think about my shock once I took it to the sink to water it and located these scales on the flowers! They weren’t apparent in any respect from the entrance of the flower however have been apparent once I turned the plant round. There have been massive brown bumps on the flowers and I discovered a nymph, one of many earlier phases of growth of the size, on the flower stem. Scale on the again of the flowerI didn’t see itThe size was hidingTake a look at that horrible scale, sucking the juices out of my flower!

orchid scale

That is the size with crawlers that are arduous to see due to the colour of the orchid

Indicators You Have Scale

Some of the apparent indication you have got scale is the presence of honeydew. Honeydew is a shiny, sticky substance excreted by the insect. YUCK! Because the sap they’re consuming is from the phloem it’s a carbohydrate or sugar, which when it’s excreted, is sticky. 

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