What number of of you could have purchased crops which have pebbles glued on prime of the soil? It’s form of annoying, to say the least. Why do plant firms put glued rocks on prime of the crops, anyway?  It’s finished for ease of transport so the soil stays put, and the plant stays upright. So as to add insult to damage, the containers don’t at all times have a drainage hole so there isn’t any water leakage throughout transport. I just lately purchased a Pachira or cash tree because it was 1/2 off -I couldn’t cross it up although it had the glued rocks and no drainage gap. I knew I might repair it.Rocks on the plant and rim of potI bought the plant out of the pot however the rocks are caught

Watering Questions

The query is how would you realize your plant wants water? You actually can’t stick your finger within the soil to test for the plant’s water wants. Or how would you realize if it has an excessive amount of? You’ll be able to’t look contained in the pot and there gained’t be any water operating out the drainage gap, as there isn’t one. 

Fixing the Downside

So, the place to start? First, I chiseled the plant out of its pot. Utilizing a knife I rigorously pried the pot away from the glued rocks so I might get the plant out. As you may see above, the stones are nonetheless intact on prime of the foundation ball and across the stem. This was a plastic pot contained in a cachepot. If the plant is potted immediately right into a ceramic pot, be extraordinarily cautious when making an attempt to pry it out because the pot might simply break. (I converse from expertise.)

The rocks are nonetheless caught to the stem and you’ll see the bark is peeled away in some spotsIt has a very good root system

Second, I pulled the glued stones from across the stem. This concerned a little bit of energy and I used to be as cautious as I could possibly be, however as you may see within the above image a few of the bark of the Pachira tree got here away from the stem with the glue.Glued gravel eliminatedEven the tag was

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